I love me a new season. New seasons for me signify a new beginning and a chance to start over. I see it as a another New Year. Out with the old, in with the new as the saying goes. It’s why we do things like spring clean, am I right? So here I am thinking of all the things that need tidying up around here before we embark on my favorite season (maybe 2nd favorite?), Summer!

So in honor of that, I am going to dedicate the next few posts to clothing and shoes I have gotten for myself and the kids for spring, how I am decluttering the house, and a few other things!

I have already started slowly spring cleaning. I have ordered the kids and I new clothes, went through our spring and summer clothes from last year to donate, and threw away things that we no longer need and cannot donate. Some of this is because we are trying to find a new house (fingers crossed!) but most of it is because I’m kind of a neat freak and try hard to not have a cluttered house. A cluttered house that constantly needs cleaning brings me anxiety and it’s just not fun for any of us if I stress about how messy the house is. I’m hoping that we can really embrace the less is more aesthetic and not bring over as many things with us to the new house. The real challenge will be the toys. We just have so many, and try as I might, as soon as I think the kids have lost interest, they go and say how I just can’t throw X, Y, Z away cause they love it. Does that happen to anyone else? I swear kids have a sixth sense for that sort of thing.

More than just the physical decluttering of stuff, I also think of ways to refresh my appearance. Like I said in a previous post, I just become more alive in the warmer months and definitely get more creative with my hair. I’m a gemini and get quite bored with the same things over and over again and my hair is no different. I’ve been natural (meaning no chemical straightener used in my hair) for nearly 8 years. In that time, I have probably cut my hair, like significant amounts of hair, at least 18 times. It’s kind of crazy. I get it to a certain length then I get bored. Then I get sad that I cut it because I want to have a head of long glorious curls and then vow to never cut it again. Until I do cut it again 6 months later! I have already cut my hair twice this year. Only a couple of inches each time, but why! I don’t know how to stop myself.

These are all from when I first went natural in March of 2012.

These are all between October of 2012 and 2014.

Theses are 2014 to 2017:

And here’s 2018:

Apparently I was way more into hair before I had two kids taking up all my time!

So, now I’m in between whether I want to do a big cut of another 4 inches again or if I’m really gonna stick it out and let it grow. One reason, beside the boredom that I have, is that it takes a lot to do my hair. It’s very thick and sometimes I don’t have the time or patience to detangle, wash, deep condition, twist every single week. Shorter hair is definitely easier, and that’s probably why I cut it so often. I have also considered cutting and straightening it with just a blow dryer and flat iron, but I can see that going bad quick with warmer weather.

I’m thinking of doing something similar to this again like I did in 2015. What do you think? I’m so torn! Any other naturals have similar dilemmas? I’ll be sure to do a follow up post with my decision so stay tuned!

Bye for now!