Incorporating Disney When You Are Far From The Parks

Living in Boston, I don’t have the pleasure of enjoying the parks quite as often as some of the instagramers and youtubers I follow. Until I can go back to Disney World (T-minus 322 days *long sigh*), I like to do activities that satisfy my Disney itch that are close to home.

One thing my family and I do every year is attend Disney on Ice. It’s not anywhere close to the being in the actual parks, but seeing Mickey and the gang gliding across that ice still gets me all giddy and excited. We’ve made it a tradition to go on or around New Year’s Eve since 2016 and the kids really look forward to it every year!

Another thing we do maybe a bit too often is go to our local Disney Store! We have two regular Disney Stores and an outlet all near us. They do tons of fun events every month that we need to partake in more, but lets face it, the kids are really just there for the toys. I am going to make it a point this year though to do more of the in store events. The kids know we aren’t going to Disney for a long time, and I think doing the events will get them excited and help them (and me) be a bit more patient!

Besides those things, we try to go to different events at parks and Zoos that are princess themed, watch Disney movies, and do Disney crafts. I’ll put up another posts on the crafts we have done soon! If you live far from the parks, what are some ways you like to incorporate Disney into your life?

Bye for now!


Allow Me to Introduce Myself

00BF48E6-CCED-422B-9A7B-8829CC711974Hi and welcome to my very first post! My name is Nicole and I am a wife, mother, and budding blogger, and I am so excited to share a little corner of my world with you! I have wanted to start a blog for a few years now but never felt the timing was quite right (as with most things). I had read for years how blogging was going to be obsolete, no one reads them anymore, etc and I felt a bit discouraged. Add on top of that my fear and just overall anxiety to start a blog, I pushed it off thinking I’d wait until the market got hot again.

I finally decided a couple of months ago that I just had to try. It was something that was nagging at me, and even if blogging wasn’t a thing anymore, it would feel good for me to know I tried something I had wanted to for a long time. I would rather try then wonder “what if” for another few years like I have been. If this little blog of mine never gains traction, I’d have no regrets, but I know I would regret never trying!

So here I am, trying my hand at this blogger thing. I’m not the best photographer (I have a pretty good instagram husband though), and I’m still very new to this world of content to put out and such. What I am pretty good at is DIY, color coordinating, planning, and Disney knowledge (to name a few things)! With that said, I hope you’ll stick around for some fun projects, mom tips, trip planning, style & beauty all with a little Disney in between!

Happy New Year to you all, and I can’t wait to see what 2019 has in store for this little blog!

Bye for now!