Our Week in Review – A Staycation During School Vacation Week

Oh, what fun!

First, yes I did change the site! What do you all think? I’m not 100% settled on it, but I think it fits my vibe more. Stay tuned to see if it sticks!

This is the first year both kids are in a real school with weeks off at a time for school vacation. Previously at their old daycare they would get a week off in-between Christmas and New Year, and the week of 4th of July off, but those are weeks we tend to take off anyway. I count this as the first real school vacation we are experiencing!

With a Disney trip on the horizon, we decided to stay home this time around. My kids like to chillax HARD on the weekends, so we decided to do a mix of chill time and active time. There was also a lot of play time. Does anyone else’s kids just like to play all. the. time. Like all the time? Cause that’s my kids. I just keep reminding myself they won’t always want to play, but man. Theres only so many times you can pretend a doll is taking a nap. OK, back to the topic.

Here’s a recap of what we did each day for vacation in case it’s helpful for you! I think a lot of it is typical stuff you would do with kids but we tried to entertain them while keeping ourselves sane as best we could. It’s a delicate balance.


On Monday we woke up to a few inches of snow! It was perfect. Despite living in Boston, we haven’t experienced much snow this past winter and the times we did we were all at school or work. After breakfast, we bundled up and went out to play/shovel the snow.

After, we came in and had hot chocolate, as you do after playing in the snow, and relaxed with a family movie. We also made a faux Disney World in the playroom. We had to get our trip in somehow!

It really just consisted of all the Disney toys we had in the house representing different rides, and then Mr. Colored in pretty and I shaking them in their bean bag chairs to imitate said ride. The kids bought it.


On Tuesday we ventured out to Ikea. We figured we could pick up a few things while the kids played in the play space they have. Apparently, we were not the only ones with this brilliant idea and it was full when we first got there (10 minutes past opening). We browsed a bit with the kids and came back in a half hour to let them play. Then we shopped for 45 glorious minutes all by ourselves. Once time was up we went and got their world renowned frozen yogurts and then headed to target and the mall.

At the mall, we grabbed lunch and then went to various toy stores, one in which was the American Girl store. The only one in the state of Massachusetts is closing in March, and though my little girl has a Wellie Wisher, she got it for Christmas a year ago and didn’t get to experience picking out her own doll. Safe to say $160 later, she got her doll.


Wednesday was for sure our busiest day. We went to the Children’s Museum! Again, it was busy and there was a line out the door at opening with other likeminded parents desperate to provide their kids with entertainment. They rock climbed, made bubbles, and played in that germ infested water.

Mickey and Minnie greeted us at the Museum!

Since there aren’t many kid friendly places to eat lunch at by the museum, we decided to go to Panera for their favorite Mac and cheese. Then we headed to another mall, this time to the Disney store. I know. I know. Sadder part is, I didn’t even get anything for myself! The kids got figurines, that they have barely touched since that day. Once we were back home, it was baths, playtime, and bedtime. Dinner was given somewhere in between.


Thursday was another day of relaxing in the house, which was good since we had spent a ton of money over the last two days. We painted, played with play doh, watched movies. It was great, and one of the best parts of our vacation. Just being with the 4 of us as a family.


Friday was a semi back to normal day. Dan had to go into work, and I worked half a day from home so there wasn’t much we could do. I had them play with play doh again and watch a movie and then later on we went to target. AGAIN! *said in my Monica Gellar voice*. I have an obsession. Besides Disney store, Target is my next love. I’m not sorry about it, though I’m sure Mr. Colored in pretty would rather I drop both habits.

Saturday and Sunday were pretty normal weekend days so that we could prepare ourselves for the return to school and work. Lots of laundry, food shopping and normal errands. The kids were sad just thinking about going back to school, and I admit, I was too. Even though it can be a lot to be with them all day, I truly enjoyed spending that time with them. One of my many goals is to try to work less so that I can be with the kids more and not have to rely on things like aftercare when that extra time could be spent with me. They’re only this young once and I don’t want to waste it. I’ll get there, but in the meantime, I reminded them that we have April vacation coming up and we can do all those fun things and more next time around! Maybe we’ll even do a short local trip somewhere!

How do you guys spend school vacations? Do you usually take a trip or do you stay home and hope for the best?

Bye for now!


My Disney Style

Summer, I miss you.

As some of you know, another one of my goals this year is to really step up my style game and incorporate more colorful clothing into my wardrobe. I consider myself an OK dresser, very classic and not too out there for the most part. I stay to basics I can wear with anything instead of following trends, mostly because I have two little humans to dress in addition to myself so I have to make my wardrobe count. This isn’t a bad thing, but it makes (for me) a more “safe” closet to pick from. In the summer I definitely tend to incorporate more colors into my clothes because I’m warm and happy. In the winter, I tend to dress for survival! (I’m being dramatic but I HATE the cold)

My layered Disney style.

Thus, I have a lot of gray, blue, and other muted colors in the winter with pops of red and plaid for Christmas time. I want my wardrobe to reflect my warm and happy self even when it’s cold out so I have slowly been incorporating some brighter pieces into my wardrobe, mostly be way of coats! You know what they say, dress for the job you want, and apparently I want to be a rainbow? I haven’t figured it out yet, but I’m getting there.

Oh, hey date night! (Please excuse the damaged wall🙈)

I’ve been doing flat lays for my instagram and it’s giving me a lot of inspiration for incorporating some fun Disney pieces into my everyday style!

Those work more for weekend wear, but I have ordered some other things that aren’t Disney specific and still give off Disney vibes. I will share those soon! These pieces will work better with my full time job all while still giving off all the happy magic vibes that I crave!

One of my more work appropriate looks giving off all the Minnie vibes!

How do you incorporate Disney pieces into your everyday wardrobe without looking like you’re spending a day at the parks?

Bye for now!


Projects on Projects on Projects

This past weekend was one full of projects both for my oldest, who is in Kindergarten, and myself! With Valentine’s Day this coming Thursday, one of my daughters class projects was to make a mailbox to store all the Valentine’s she’ll get from her class mates! This coincided with her 101 days of being in school project, which just happened to be themed after the 101 Dalmatians! It’s like the teachers knew my Disney loving heart.

If you’re not familiar with the 101 days project, it quite popular in elementary schools across the country, except it’s usually 100 days. Basically, the kids and teachers celebrate surviving the first 100 days of school. I don’t blame them!


  • Hot glue gun
  • Pom poms
  • Sticker rhinestones
  • White shirt

Our instructions were pretty strict, 101 black dots on a white shirt. I let Audrey have at it putting the sticker dots all over and having her count out all the dots as she placed them. I hot glued the poms at the end for her and with that her shirt was complete!

I decided to add a faux collar to go along with it using some ribbon and washi tape just as a little something extra!

Next up was the Valentine’s mailbox. This was pretty simple to do, we wrapped pretty wrapping paper around a shoe box, cut a hole in the top, and then decorated it with tons of stickers!

We then added some bows to the side to make it fantastique as Fancy Nancy would say! Audrey had a blast!

The projects didn’t stop there. In between doing all these school projects, I was also taking pictures for the blog and filming my very first YouTube video! I admit, I’m nervous to put it out there, but I’m keeping on track with my goals of stepping out of my comfort zone! If you’re interested in checking it out, the channel is the same as my site, Colored in Pretty! On there you’ll find shopping hauls, packing videos, plan with me videos, and more things as I think of them! There will not be a video every week like I have with the blog post, but you may see a video maybe twice a month.

I hope you all have a fabulous Valentine’s Day! Mr. Colored In Pretty and I plan on having a date night Saturday, and I hope to get some nice pics of us to share!

Bye for now!


The Story of Us And Super Bowl Sunday

Babies. Circa 2006

With Valentine’s Day on the horizon, I figured I would tell the story of how Mr. Colored In Pretty (this name has NOT been cleared by him, but we’re going with it) and I came to be!

We first met at work. I was a college student working two jobs, and he was working at one of those jobs. At the time, I had a boyfriend that I was still involved with from high school, and I actually thought Mr. Colored In Pretty didn’t like me very much at all! He has a very sarcastic tone (which I grew to love) that people either get or don’t and I definitely didn’t get it at first. I found his jokes to be just plain rude and not at all funny for the most part. There was one joke in particular he had made about my hair one day that made me really angry, being a black girl and all. I don’t remember the specifics of it now since it was nearly 18 years ago, but I do remember me telling him off and him apologizing! I accepted that apology, and through various work outings, I found that he was actually a very sweet, caring person that would go to the ends of the earth for you. I wouldn’t of ended up married to him otherwise! We became close friends, and we both came to really enjoy each other’s company.

Serious babies. 2003.

Two years went by before we ever even thought of dating. I had broken up with my boyfriend about a year into Mr. Colored In Pretty and I’s friendship, and though I had grown to have feelings for him beyond friendship, I wasn’t sure if he was interested in me like that. Then, at one New Year’s Eve party that he hosted, he asked my best friend to talk to me about him and asked if she could tell me to give him a chance. That pretty much sealed it right there, but even still I was hesitant to date him!

It wasn’t until about a month later, this time at a Super Bowl party (GO PATS!) that I finally decided I would give him a chance. I don’t know what it was about that night that made me think it could work, but the rest is history as they say! We spent pretty much every day together from that day on even though we were living apart. It didn’t take long for us to talk future plans of one day living together, marriage (took us 7 years to get engaged), kids (he initially wasn’t sure about kids!), and making a life together. We’ve had our ups and downs as with any couple. Near break ups, family emergencies, deaths, but through it all we always knew we were meant to be together. The day we got married, my Maid of Honor asked if I was nervous and I just turned to her and said “No, this feels right”. We’re coming up on 9 years of marriage in June, and what I said that day nearly 9 years ago still holds true.

Needless to say, the Super Bowl will always hold a special place in our hearts as the beginning of forever for us. I’ll definitely share more wedding pictures around our anniversary because it was one of the most magical days of my life and I’ll use any excuse to share those pictures. I just loved that day, and could relive it over and over again. Here is one picture to hold you (me) over until then!

June 26, 2010. Happiest day.

How did you guys meet your significant others? did you originally think you would never get together with that person? I’m living proof that sometimes, you have to take a chance!

Bye for now!


A Disney Inspired DIY For Spring

I know. We’re still in the middle of winter, but I’m dreaming of warmth, sunshine, and flowers. I’ve been on the hunt for a good Mickey wreath for a while now, and either found that they were too expensive or not exactly what I was looking for. One day while I was shopping in Michael’s, I noticed they had some plain wreaths for spring on sale for 60% off. With that a plan was born to make my own wreath! I picked up 3 wreaths; one for the head, and the other two for the ears, some fake flowers, and I was off!


  • One medium wreath
  • Two small wreaths
  • Fake flowers
  • Scissors
  • Hot glue gun

My vision was pretty simple. A subtle pink arrangement that would work for now with my Valentine’s Day decor and transition into spring.

I started off by cutting the fake flowers off at the stem, sticking one end into the wreath, and then wrapping it around, sealing that end with hot glue. I repeated this until I was satisfied with the look.

I repeated those steps on the other wreaths, and voila! My very own Mickey wreath! I debated adding a bow to make it a Minnie wreath, but I really love the simplicity of this for the Spring. I plan on making a much more vibrant version in the summer with bigger flowers and perhaps I’ll do my Minnie then!

Here it is in all of its glory right from my living room (with Audrey photobombing).

I hope this gets you through the dark days of winter!

Bye for now!


Birthday’s Past

Isaac’s 2nd birthday

Today is my youngest 4th birthday. FOUR! How did this happen?! I hated hearing it in the throughs of the newborn stage, but it’s true. These years really do go by so unbelievably fast. If your a mom of littles, then you know!

I love planning a party, and since I don’t get to do it too often, I tend to go all out for my kids birthday’s. I love the planning, the decorating, the shopping. Most importantly, I love going with a theme my kids want and running with it. With that comes scouring Pinterest boards and Instagram to ultimately DIY some of the decor since a lot of times my vision can’t be store bought (not that that’s a bad thing).

This year for my son’s birthday, we took a different direction and decided to go to a bounce house place where him and all of his other 3-4 year-old friends could bounce all their winter energy out. Thus, I did not get to have the decorative party that I’m used to. So instead I’m taking a trip down memory lane to show you the parties I have planned for my kids in the past, along with so,e of my DIY projects!

The next party I get to plan is my big girls 7th birthday! I will likely do something smallish at home for that one since we do plan to go to Disney in December! Stay tuned for both of those posts! Enjoy the trip down memory lane!

Bye for now!


Isaac’s Star War’s Birthday

Audrey’s Tangled Birthday

This tower was a labor of love

Incorporating Disney When You Are Far From The Parks

Living in Boston, I don’t have the pleasure of enjoying the parks quite as often as some of the instagramers and youtubers I follow. Until I can go back to Disney World (T-minus 322 days *long sigh*), I like to do activities that satisfy my Disney itch that are close to home.

One thing my family and I do every year is attend Disney on Ice. It’s not anywhere close to the being in the actual parks, but seeing Mickey and the gang gliding across that ice still gets me all giddy and excited. We’ve made it a tradition to go on or around New Year’s Eve since 2016 and the kids really look forward to it every year!

Another thing we do maybe a bit too often is go to our local Disney Store! We have two regular Disney Stores and an outlet all near us. They do tons of fun events every month that we need to partake in more, but lets face it, the kids are really just there for the toys. I am going to make it a point this year though to do more of the in store events. The kids know we aren’t going to Disney for a long time, and I think doing the events will get them excited and help them (and me) be a bit more patient!

Besides those things, we try to go to different events at parks and Zoos that are princess themed, watch Disney movies, and do Disney crafts. I’ll put up another posts on the crafts we have done soon! If you live far from the parks, what are some ways you like to incorporate Disney into your life?

Bye for now!