The Story of Us And Super Bowl Sunday

Babies. Circa 2006

With Valentine’s Day on the horizon, I figured I would tell the story of how Mr. Colored In Pretty (this name has NOT been cleared by him, but we’re going with it) and I came to be!

We first met at work. I was a college student working two jobs, and he was working at one of those jobs. At the time, I had a boyfriend that I was still involved with from high school, and I actually thought Mr. Colored In Pretty didn’t like me very much at all! He has a very sarcastic tone (which I grew to love) that people either get or don’t and I definitely didn’t get it at first. I found his jokes to be just plain rude and not at all funny for the most part. There was one joke in particular he had made about my hair one day that made me really angry, being a black girl and all. I don’t remember the specifics of it now since it was nearly 18 years ago, but I do remember me telling him off and him apologizing! I accepted that apology, and through various work outings, I found that he was actually a very sweet, caring person that would go to the ends of the earth for you. I wouldn’t of ended up married to him otherwise! We became close friends, and we both came to really enjoy each other’s company.

Serious babies. 2003.

Two years went by before we ever even thought of dating. I had broken up with my boyfriend about a year into Mr. Colored In Pretty and I’s friendship, and though I had grown to have feelings for him beyond friendship, I wasn’t sure if he was interested in me like that. Then, at one New Year’s Eve party that he hosted, he asked my best friend to talk to me about him and asked if she could tell me to give him a chance. That pretty much sealed it right there, but even still I was hesitant to date him!

It wasn’t until about a month later, this time at a Super Bowl party (GO PATS!) that I finally decided I would give him a chance. I don’t know what it was about that night that made me think it could work, but the rest is history as they say! We spent pretty much every day together from that day on even though we were living apart. It didn’t take long for us to talk future plans of one day living together, marriage (took us 7 years to get engaged), kids (he initially wasn’t sure about kids!), and making a life together. We’ve had our ups and downs as with any couple. Near break ups, family emergencies, deaths, but through it all we always knew we were meant to be together. The day we got married, my Maid of Honor asked if I was nervous and I just turned to her and said “No, this feels right”. We’re coming up on 9 years of marriage in June, and what I said that day nearly 9 years ago still holds true.

Needless to say, the Super Bowl will always hold a special place in our hearts as the beginning of forever for us. I’ll definitely share more wedding pictures around our anniversary because it was one of the most magical days of my life and I’ll use any excuse to share those pictures. I just loved that day, and could relive it over and over again. Here is one picture to hold you (me) over until then!

June 26, 2010. Happiest day.

How did you guys meet your significant others? did you originally think you would never get together with that person? I’m living proof that sometimes, you have to take a chance!

Bye for now!


A Disney Inspired DIY For Spring

I know. We’re still in the middle of winter, but I’m dreaming of warmth, sunshine, and flowers. I’ve been on the hunt for a good Mickey wreath for a while now, and either found that they were too expensive or not exactly what I was looking for. One day while I was shopping in Michael’s, I noticed they had some plain wreaths for spring on sale for 60% off. With that a plan was born to make my own wreath! I picked up 3 wreaths; one for the head, and the other two for the ears, some fake flowers, and I was off!


  • One medium wreath
  • Two small wreaths
  • Fake flowers
  • Scissors
  • Hot glue gun

My vision was pretty simple. A subtle pink arrangement that would work for now with my Valentine’s Day decor and transition into spring.

I started off by cutting the fake flowers off at the stem, sticking one end into the wreath, and then wrapping it around, sealing that end with hot glue. I repeated this until I was satisfied with the look.

I repeated those steps on the other wreaths, and voila! My very own Mickey wreath! I debated adding a bow to make it a Minnie wreath, but I really love the simplicity of this for the Spring. I plan on making a much more vibrant version in the summer with bigger flowers and perhaps I’ll do my Minnie then!

Here it is in all of its glory right from my living room (with Audrey photobombing).

I hope this gets you through the dark days of winter!

Bye for now!


Birthday’s Past

Isaac’s 2nd birthday

Today is my youngest 4th birthday. FOUR! How did this happen?! I hated hearing it in the throughs of the newborn stage, but it’s true. These years really do go by so unbelievably fast. If your a mom of littles, then you know!

I love planning a party, and since I don’t get to do it too often, I tend to go all out for my kids birthday’s. I love the planning, the decorating, the shopping. Most importantly, I love going with a theme my kids want and running with it. With that comes scouring Pinterest boards and Instagram to ultimately DIY some of the decor since a lot of times my vision can’t be store bought (not that that’s a bad thing).

This year for my son’s birthday, we took a different direction and decided to go to a bounce house place where him and all of his other 3-4 year-old friends could bounce all their winter energy out. Thus, I did not get to have the decorative party that I’m used to. So instead I’m taking a trip down memory lane to show you the parties I have planned for my kids in the past, along with so,e of my DIY projects!

The next party I get to plan is my big girls 7th birthday! I will likely do something smallish at home for that one since we do plan to go to Disney in December! Stay tuned for both of those posts! Enjoy the trip down memory lane!

Bye for now!


Isaac’s Star War’s Birthday

Audrey’s Tangled Birthday

This tower was a labor of love

Incorporating Disney When You Are Far From The Parks

Living in Boston, I don’t have the pleasure of enjoying the parks quite as often as some of the instagramers and youtubers I follow. Until I can go back to Disney World (T-minus 322 days *long sigh*), I like to do activities that satisfy my Disney itch that are close to home.

One thing my family and I do every year is attend Disney on Ice. It’s not anywhere close to the being in the actual parks, but seeing Mickey and the gang gliding across that ice still gets me all giddy and excited. We’ve made it a tradition to go on or around New Year’s Eve since 2016 and the kids really look forward to it every year!

Another thing we do maybe a bit too often is go to our local Disney Store! We have two regular Disney Stores and an outlet all near us. They do tons of fun events every month that we need to partake in more, but lets face it, the kids are really just there for the toys. I am going to make it a point this year though to do more of the in store events. The kids know we aren’t going to Disney for a long time, and I think doing the events will get them excited and help them (and me) be a bit more patient!

Besides those things, we try to go to different events at parks and Zoos that are princess themed, watch Disney movies, and do Disney crafts. I’ll put up another posts on the crafts we have done soon! If you live far from the parks, what are some ways you like to incorporate Disney into your life?

Bye for now!


My Goals & Intentions for 2019

Goals & Intentions
My goals for 2019

Happy 2019 everyone! I know it’s cliche, but I truly do appreciate the start of a new year. Not for the basic reasons of getting fit, eating healthier, reading more, etc (though those are all very good goals). I more look forward to it because of the feeling of starting something brand new. I am always going to be me on some level, but every year I attain to be a better version of me, and what better time to try then at the start of the new year so that you can see your growth by the end of it!

Every year I strive to be a better wife, mother, sister, friend. I try to do that by planning activities, outings, making sure I stay in contact with people. In all that, I tend to neglect myself, as many mothers do, because my families happiness is above all. This year, I want to take care of that. I want to be better to myself by taking the time I need to recharge from hectic days, stepping outside my comfort zone and challenging myself (like by starting this blog) to do things I’m not confident with but know I am capable of. I want to take it easy on myself when I feel that I haven’t gotten to where I want to be. I want to be more patient with my children, and understand that they are growing and can’t be perfect. I want to take the time to do the things that make me happy.

I know these are pretty general goals, and it helps to have a solid plan in order to reach them. I’m not sure how I can plan to be a more patient mom (got any tips?), but I can put some reminders to myself along side my list of how to attain my more specific goals. Here it goes!

How I plan to attain my goals for 2019 (and beyond):

Goal 1: Better self care

Now, I know self care can mean a lot of things. For me, it’s less about getting my nails done and more about taking care of my body and mind. I’m an introvert at heart, which can be hard for a parent. I often need to recharge after playdates, birthday parties, general life. I think the biggest thing I can do for myself is to let my family know when I need some alone time. Even if it’s just for 15 minutes. Other things I can do are:

  • Go on more shopping trips sans kids (hello Target!).
  • Get back into ballet or some sort of physical activity. I took adult ballet for a solid year before kids and felt so good! I’m not the type of person to go to a gym, so if it’s not ballet something like pilates will have to do.
  • Maybe actually get my nails done like I used to in my college days. If not in the salon, then I will take the time to do them myself. It’s small, but something about a manicured hand makes me feel good.
  • Planning more. I love writing down my plans and often don’t have the time. I love writing things down with pretty colorful pens, and planning for the things that are coming or that I know have to get done.
  • Drink more water! I need to do this, like, yesterday.

Goal 2: Stepping outside of my comfort zone 

This blog is a good start to that goal (yay me!) but I want to do more. Besides making this blog into “something”, I have always wanted to make my own stickers and planners. I find more times than not that I can’t always get what I’m looking for at Michael’s or Jo Ann Fabric’s, and while Etsy is a great alternative, I’m an instant gratification kind of girl.  I don’t know if I would sell them, as I’m still learning a lot and I don’t want to overwhelm myself, but it is something I am thinking about in the future!

Beside potential business ventures, I really want to be more bold in my wardrobe choices. Color, especially bright pinks and reds, make me happy but living in a colder climate, I tend to gravitate toward darker colors in the winter and fall. I’m a mix of preppy/casual and while I have tons of Disney clothes, they are all in the basic red, black and white palette. They don’t include my favorite colors of pinks, yellows, mints, and orange (like my summer wardrobe does).  I have already slowly started to incorporate these colors into my fall and winter wardrobe and I’m so excited to show you the pieces I have picked up thus far! To continue stepping out of my comfort zone, I plan to:

  • Continue to blog every Sunday or possibly twice a week. I’m taking this slow.
  • Make time to work on sticker and planner design (but for real).
  • This ties into the second bullet point, but play around with my Cricut machine more to design and cut my own stickers.
  • Be more mindful of color choices in sweaters, shirts, and pants for the fall and winter. As sales are happening, replace a gray or black piece with a more colorful one. Also, incorporate a colorful coat as opposed to the standard black puffy coats (this one is already done!).

Goal 3: Practicing patience, understanding, and being less critical

This one seems like a doozy. I am trying to be more mindful about not losing my temper so easily with my children. At the age of almost 4 and 6, they tend to fight. A lot. I expect this of siblings, being one myself, but sometimes it’s too much. Add on looking at seemingly perfect kids on social media that are hugging and playing so nicely with their siblings, and I feel like I failed. I question my parenting and whether or not I’m doing a good job raising them. I’m yelling at them to not yell at each other which is of course ridiculous, telling them not to be so loud, telling them to stop this and that. I know not everything posted on social media is a true picture of what is happening in so and so’s life, but in the throws of parenting your mind plays tricks on you. I’m trying to find alternative words to “stop doing that”, “don’t cry”, stop yelling”. In addition, I’m trying to:

  • Realize my kids have different needs. Kids are not one size fits all and I have a very headstrong girl, and a sort of sensitive boy. How I talk to one needs to be adjusted for the other and so forth.
  • Lessen screen time. I do think that some of their tantrums and fighting come from too much youtube watching. While I love their tablets for a distraction to get things done, I need to find better alternatives. We have already started slowly doing this by only allowing their regular tablet with no internet until the weekend, and we plan on taking it a step further by only allowing the tablets on the weekends. I think this will really help improve everyones mood.
  • Think about my words before I say them out loud. Kids are sponges, and I have so much proof of that. One day, after taking pics for a blog post, I saw my little girl arranging her toys to take a picture just like mommy (it was quite cute). That said, if I want them to treat each other and their classmates well, I have to make sure I’m leading by example. Instead of saying “don’t do that” and leave it at that, I need to make sure I explain why they shouldn’t do something. I’m guilty of using the “because I said so” and with an inquisitive child, that just isn’t going to cut it anymore.
  • I need to remember to not compare myself to other moms and their kids. Social media only shows snippets of someone’s life, and I can’t keep beating myself up when my kids don’t want to take that perfect family photo or when it seems like they just fight all day. I, like every other parent, am doing the best I can. My family is different and I have to embrace that and give myself a break all while remembering that it’s likely those kids don’t always want to take pictures and fight too. I think we could all be a lot happier and less critical of ourselves in this world by realizing that someone out there has the same exact thoughts as you. No one is perfect.

In general, I just want to make sure I’m doing things that make me happy and consequently, keep my family happy. I love that this blog is an outlet for me to get my thoughts out and is a step in the right direction. I’m hoping things can only go up from here!

I’m not sure if I’ll hit all of these goals, but that’s the good thing about a new year, new month, new day. You get to try again! I hope you all have the best new year filled with health, happiness, and love!

Bye for now!


Allow Me to Introduce Myself

00BF48E6-CCED-422B-9A7B-8829CC711974Hi and welcome to my very first post! My name is Nicole and I am a wife, mother, and budding blogger, and I am so excited to share a little corner of my world with you! I have wanted to start a blog for a few years now but never felt the timing was quite right (as with most things). I had read for years how blogging was going to be obsolete, no one reads them anymore, etc and I felt a bit discouraged. Add on top of that my fear and just overall anxiety to start a blog, I pushed it off thinking I’d wait until the market got hot again.

I finally decided a couple of months ago that I just had to try. It was something that was nagging at me, and even if blogging wasn’t a thing anymore, it would feel good for me to know I tried something I had wanted to for a long time. I would rather try then wonder “what if” for another few years like I have been. If this little blog of mine never gains traction, I’d have no regrets, but I know I would regret never trying!

So here I am, trying my hand at this blogger thing. I’m not the best photographer (I have a pretty good instagram husband though), and I’m still very new to this world of content to put out and such. What I am pretty good at is DIY, color coordinating, planning, and Disney knowledge (to name a few things)! With that said, I hope you’ll stick around for some fun projects, mom tips, trip planning, style & beauty all with a little Disney in between!

Happy New Year to you all, and I can’t wait to see what 2019 has in store for this little blog!

Bye for now!