Spring Clothing Haul: Kids Edition

As promised, I’m kicking off the new season with things that have me feeling refreshed, and what better way than with a fresh wardrobe! Now, it’s still quite cold in Boston so I’m really just daydreaming here, but much like with planning my trips to Disney, I like to start gathering things for a new season early. All the clothes pictured here I got early last month from Gap with a couple of pieces from Target. I find the Baby and Kids Gap to have some of the most adorable clothes at a reasonable price when they have a sale. These were all 40% off and included items already on clearance. I don’t tend to buy my kids full priced clothes if I can help it because 1. They get destroyed by all the things kids do, and 2. (though this isn’t true for my kids) they grow out of them fast. I still have quite a few pieces from last spring and summer that will still fit both of my kids because what I bought them was too big.

I’ll start with all the clothes I got for my son first. I got him more this time around because he didn’t have as many pieces to recycle from last summer. I also tried to get him more funner pieces than I’m used to getting for him, and made sure I could mix and match.

Shirt and shorts from Gap (You’re about to see these yellow shorts on repeat)
Shirt and shorts from Gap
Shirt and shorts from Gap
Shirt and shorts from Gap
Shirt and shorts from Gap
Shirt and shorts from Gap

Here’s an example of how I mixed and matched a couple of pieces.

My daughter only has a few pieces at this moment because, like I said, she has way more from last year that should fit now. I’m talking only 5T here for my almost 6 year old at the time (she get it from her momma) but those pieces were falling off of her last year. I’m hopeful they will stay up this year!

Wish they had this for adults. Both from Gap
Simple little dress. Lone piece from Target.
Another mix and maatch
Her little Easter Outfit ❤️

Next week I’ll share the pieces I picked up! Maybe a little Youtube try on 🤔.

Bye for now!


My Disney Style

Summer, I miss you.

As some of you know, another one of my goals this year is to really step up my style game and incorporate more colorful clothing into my wardrobe. I consider myself an OK dresser, very classic and not too out there for the most part. I stay to basics I can wear with anything instead of following trends, mostly because I have two little humans to dress in addition to myself so I have to make my wardrobe count. This isn’t a bad thing, but it makes (for me) a more “safe” closet to pick from. In the summer I definitely tend to incorporate more colors into my clothes because I’m warm and happy. In the winter, I tend to dress for survival! (I’m being dramatic but I HATE the cold)

My layered Disney style.

Thus, I have a lot of gray, blue, and other muted colors in the winter with pops of red and plaid for Christmas time. I want my wardrobe to reflect my warm and happy self even when it’s cold out so I have slowly been incorporating some brighter pieces into my wardrobe, mostly be way of coats! You know what they say, dress for the job you want, and apparently I want to be a rainbow? I haven’t figured it out yet, but I’m getting there.

Oh, hey date night! (Please excuse the damaged wall🙈)

I’ve been doing flat lays for my instagram and it’s giving me a lot of inspiration for incorporating some fun Disney pieces into my everyday style!

Those work more for weekend wear, but I have ordered some other things that aren’t Disney specific and still give off Disney vibes. I will share those soon! These pieces will work better with my full time job all while still giving off all the happy magic vibes that I crave!

One of my more work appropriate looks giving off all the Minnie vibes!

How do you incorporate Disney pieces into your everyday wardrobe without looking like you’re spending a day at the parks?

Bye for now!