Allow Me to Introduce Myself

00BF48E6-CCED-422B-9A7B-8829CC711974Hi and welcome to my very first post! My name is Nicole and I am a wife, mother, and budding blogger, and I am so excited to share a little corner of my world with you! I have wanted to start a blog for a few years now but never felt the timing was quite right (as with most things). I had read for years how blogging was going to be obsolete, no one reads them anymore, etc and I felt a bit discouraged. Add on top of that my fear and just overall anxiety to start a blog, I pushed it off thinking I’d wait until the market got hot again.

I finally decided a couple of months ago that I just had to try. It was something that was nagging at me, and even if blogging wasn’t a thing anymore, it would feel good for me to know I tried something I had wanted to for a long time. I would rather try then wonder “what if” for another few years like I have been. If this little blog of mine never gains traction, I’d have no regrets, but I know I would regret never trying!

So here I am, trying my hand at this blogger thing. I’m not the best photographer (I have a pretty good instagram husband though), and I’m still very new to this world of content to put out and such. What I am pretty good at is DIY, color coordinating, planning, and Disney knowledge (to name a few things)! With that said, I hope you’ll stick around for some fun projects, mom tips, trip planning, style & beauty all with a little Disney in between!

Happy New Year to you all, and I can’t wait to see what 2019 has in store for this little blog!

Bye for now!